is prioritizing shipping on any products that are being used to fight against COVID-19.

To prioritize aid during this crisis, we are focusing on shipping products that are for industries focused as essential or industries that assist in producing PPE gear or ventilators. Industries in this field also qualify for a select discount on products. Folding@Home users also qualify for reduced handling time on orders.

Other orders are still accepted but may have increased handling time (Up to 14 days) and will ship when possible. We have reduced some operations and active personnel due to the Pandemic. All employees and team members still receive a paycheck and there are no layoffs for the BitDeals staff.

If your order is a part of this effort and qualifies as essential, please e-mail us at with a short description of your company and what you are using the purchased products for.

Note: Folding@Home users, please provide your team number, username, and phone number used in the order so staff can verify the claim.

To learn more about Folding@Home and COVID-19 check here.

Please only contact us for urgent and specific needs so we can focus on helping those that need it.

What Qualifies as an "Essential Order":

  • Contains products that will be directly used to manufacture medical supplies
  • Shipping directly to a doctor or medical professional
  • Shipping to healthcare providers or government agencies who are directly working to beat COVID-19
  • Shipping directly to educators who are impacted by the school closures due to COVID-19 and are setting up online learning environments
  • Contains products that will be used primarily for Folding@Home

Thank you for your understanding, and thank you everyone for your essential work in doing what we can to beat this. We will do our best to get your order out and do our part in helping.

Stay safe, and wash your hands frequently.